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From the most beautiful beaches, to helicopter rides, subway, a penthouse, a complete feast of all my favorite things, and saying yes to cheesecake (& to my first time in Hawaii) ... this has been the best birthday yet. It just keeps getting better y'all. You know If imma do it imma go big or go home. thank you for all the birthday wishes, there's been so many I've been overwhelmed with love & I promise I'll get back to them all. Just know I love y'all so much and each year has been an incredible journey of growing & gaining more experience & knowledge. Thanks for being along on this ride with me. I feel 1000000 years old but I know I'm still a baby. I've never been more excited for what's ahead. I'm so blessed to have got to spend my birthday with some of my favorite people in the world. God bless, here's to another great year of enjoying this crazy thing called life. Xoxo #20feelsgoooooood



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