"I'm sick of dealing with these sexist pigs in the industry." - Maty Noyes

Kygo's manager Myles Shear issued an apology late last night for not allowing Maty Noyes to play at the Norwegian DJ's headlining shows at the Hollywood Bowl in LA this weekend. Shears' statement comes after Noyes, the co-songwriter on Kygo's hit "Stay", publicly called the manager out for not permitting her on stage with the Kygo over the weekend.

"I would like to personally apologize to Maty for what has come of this situation," Shear said in the statement. "The recent issues we had been working out should not have kept you from performing at these shows."

In a series of Instagram posts published on Saturday and Sunday, Noyes said Shear was "punish[ing]" her for getting sick and missing one show earlier in the tour, despite the fact that she was touring with Kygo "for an entire year for free."

The "Stay" vocalist added that was "sick of dealing with these sexist pigs in the industry," saying that she was standing up for herself and entreating the public to join her. Noyes post went on to say: "'Put on a pretty dress, lipstick, open your mouth and sing. We don't need your voice in the show, we only deal with the best.'—@managermyles is this really how you treat people that you call one big family?"



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