Maty Noyes

About Maty

This is where my story begins...

There’s a mysterious thread connecting The Weeknd’s dystopic, album-closing ballad “Angel” from Beauty Behind The Madness and Kygo’s electric single “Stay” – a distinctive, sultry vocal belonging to nineteen-year-old Maty Noyes whose voice has a kind of old-souled texture and whose songwriting abilities are well beyond her years.

Noyes has always been a free spirit. A dreamy, music-obsessed kid, Noyes was barely out of elementary school before committing her life to music. Hungry for adventure with fearless abandon, Noyes set out to pursue her passion with uncanny resolve. “I just knew,” she remembers. “I knew staying in a small town wasn’t for me. I knew my life was going to happen somewhere else.” It was less that she was running away from a bad or troubled life – she had good friends and a close family – but more that she was responding to a genuine calling. She needed the freedom...